Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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Georgia Students Invited to Join State Advisory Council

Superintendent Cox Seeks Student Advisors

Are you able to describe the biggest issue confronting students in your school? Do you have ideas as to how to address the issue?
What do you think a world-class education for you and your peers should be?

If these are questions that matter to you, and you think you have something to contribute to this discussion, then consider applying for membership in Superintendent Cox's Student Advisory Council.

Georgia High School Students are invited to apply for a state level leadership opportunity. State Superintendent of Schools Kathy Cox is accepting applications for her 2009-2010 Student Advisory Council.

The members of the Student Advisory Council meet three times during the school year with Superintendent Cox to discuss how decisions made at the state level are affecting students throughout Georgia. Members are advisors and act as liaisons between the Department of Education and the students of Georgia.

All students in grades 9-12 are eligible to apply. Meeting dates are:
November 9, 2009
January 25, 2010
March 8, 2010
(dates are subject to change.)
Applicants should be able to attend all three meetings.

To be eligible for the Council, applications must be received by September
30, 2009.

Interested students should contact:
Courtney Burnett, External Affairs
(404) 657-1340

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